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SneakinnTM Flat Shoe Laces collection is the ultimate in versatility for an array of sneaker styles. Whether it's Jordans, Vans, NMDs, Dunks, or AF1s, our Flat Laces are the perfect fit for all.

Available in a spectrum of colors and various lengths, finding the ideal match for your sneakers is a breeze.

Size Guide:

  • 120 cm: Ideal for shoes with 5-6 pairs of eyelets (Lows)
  • 160 cm: Perfect for shoes with 7-9 pairs of eyelets (Lows/Mids)
  • 180 cm: Recommended for shoes with 9-12 pairs of eyelets (Highs)

Upgrade your sneaker game with our Flat Laces - where style meets versatility!


1 Pair x Shoe Laces


Elevate Your Sneaker Style with SneakinnTM Flat Laces!

Elevate your sneaker game with SneakinnTM flat shoe laces, crafted for the discerning sneakerhead. Whether you're rocking Jordans, Vans, NMDs, Dunks, or AF1s, our Flat Laces are designed to complement every iconic pair in your collection.

Unleash your creativity with a spectrum of colors to choose from, ensuring the perfect match for your sneakers. From classic black and white to bold reds and blues, express your style effortlessly.

Finding the perfect fit is a breeze with our size guide:

  • 120 cm - Suitable for shoes with 5–6 eyelets (Lows)
  • 160 cm - Suitable for shoes with 7–9 pairs of eyelets (lows/mids)
  • 180 cm - Recommended for shoes with 9–12 pairs of eyelets (Highs)

Upgrade your sneaker style with SneakinnTM Flat Laces—where versatility meets quality. Elevate every step with Nike Jordan laces that redefine sneaker customization.

Why Choose Our SneakinnTM Flat Shoe Laces?

1. Versatility Across Sneaker Styles - Our SneakinnTM Flat Shoe Laces are designed to be the ultimate choice for various sneaker styles, from Jordan's and Vans to NMDs, Dunks, and AF1s. No matter your favorite kicks, these laces are the perfect fit.

2. Wide Range of Colors - Express your unique style with our spectrum of colors. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or bold, vibrant hues, our collection ensures you'll find the ideal match for your sneakers. There are six colors: Black, White, Cream, Pink, Brown, and Navy Blue.

3. Tailored Length Options - Finding the right length is essential for the perfect look. With our size guide, you can easily choose from 120 cm, 160 cm, or 180 cm Air Jordan shoe laces to suit your shoe's eyelet count—ensuring a snug fit and stylish finish.

4. Quality Craftsmanship - Each pair of SneakinnTM Flat Shoe Laces is crafted with attention to detail and quality materials, offering durability and style that stand the test of time.

5. Elevate Your Sneaker Game - Upgrade your sneaker game with SneakinnTM Flat Laces. Whether you're swapping out worn-out laces or customizing a fresh pair, our laces add a touch of flair and individuality to your footwear.

Choose SneakinnTM Flat Shoe Laces for unmatched versatility, style, and quality—because your sneakers deserve nothing less.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Jordan laces?

Jordan shoe lace are specially designed shoelaces for the popular Air Jordan sneakers. They come in various colors and lengths to match different models and personal styles.

2. Where can I buy Jordan laces?

Jordan laces can be purchased from a variety of retailers, both online and in physical stores. Popular options include the official Nike store, sports retailers, and online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

3. How do I lace my Air Jordans?

There are several ways to lace your Air Jordans, depending on your style and the specific model of your sneakers. Online tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for doing almost anything you want.

4. Can I replace the laces on my Air Jordans?

Yes, you can replace the laces on your Air Jordans. Jordan laces are designed to be easily removable and replaceable, allowing you to customize your sneakers to your liking.

5. Are there different types of Jordan shoe laces?

Yes, Jordan laces come in a variety of types, including flat laces, round laces, and even reflective laces. The type you choose depends on your personal preference and the style of your Air Jordans.

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