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Sneaker Wipes by SneakinnTM are the ultimate on-the-go sneaker care solution.

These durable wipes are designed with a dual-sided texture, featuring a smooth side for regular cleaning and a textured side for stubborn stains. Individually wrapped and compact, they are perfect for travel bags, gym bags & wallets.

It's larger than any other sneaker wipe on the market, eliminating the need for multiple wipes per pair of shoes.

Each box contains 14 large wipes.


Each box contains 14 large wipes.


SneakinnTM Sneaker Wipes is here to keep your sneakers dirt-free. Due to their dual-sided texture, they can remove everyday dirt and stubborn stains from both sides. With their compact design and individual packaging, they're ideal for on-the-go use. Just keep them in your gym bag or travel bag. These durable wipes are customized to the needs of sneaker enthusiasts, providing a convenient solution for maintaining your footwear's freshness wherever you step.

These sneaker wipes are larger than any other sneaker wipe eliminating the need for multiple wipes. Don't let dirt reduce your style. Just step out confidently with SneakinnTM Sneaker Wipes by your side.

Each box is available in several wipes:

  • Pack of 14
  • Pack of 28
  • Pack of 42
  • Pack of 56

How to Use These Sneaker Shoe Wipes?

  1. To utilize these Sneaker Shoe Wipes effectively, start by opening the package.
  2. When dealing with stubborn dirt, employ the textured, dotted side of the wipe for more targeted cleaning.
  3. For regular maintenance and to remove excess dirt, utilize the smooth side.
  4. Repeat the process as necessary until your shoes are clean and refreshed.

Why Choose SneakinnTM Sneaker Cleaning Wipes?

  • SneakinnTM Sneaker Cleaning Wipes stand out for their dual-textured design, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • The sneaker wipes are travel-friendly, individually wrapped packaging making them convenient for on-the-go use.
  • With quick cleaning capabilities and a pleasant scent, they offer efficient maintenance for sneakers.
  • Their larger surface area allows for the comprehensive cleaning of various materials, making them versatile.
  • Easy to use, they effectively extend the life of shoes by removing dirt and grime. Whether leather, suede, or fabric, these wipes are suitable for all materials.
  • Choosing SneakinnTM means opting for a reliable solution that keeps sneakers looking fresh while preserving their quality and longevity.


These shoe cleaning wipes are safe to use on a variety of materials, including leather, rubber, nylon, vinyl, plastic, and foam. You should avoid using it directly on suede and/or nubuck. These wipes for sneakers can also be used to clean leather handbags and jackets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What do sneaker wipes do?

Sneaker cleaning wipes are versatile, swiftly tackling dirt, grime, dust, and stains on various materials. Convenient for on-the-go use, they're favored for their time-saving efficiency and travel-friendly nature. Suitable for all sneaker types, these wipes for cleaning shoes offer a hassle-free solution for maintaining footwear freshness and cleanliness.

2) Are wipes good for shoes?

Wipes are indeed beneficial for shoes, offering convenience and efficiency. They minimize cleaning time and provide ease of use, swiftly restoring the shine to your footwear with a simple wipe. This quick solution enhances the overall upkeep of your shoes, ensuring they remain in top condition effortlessly.

3) Does sneaker wipes work?

Sneaker wipes excel in their task, restoring sneakers to pristine condition. These shoe-cleaning wipes effortlessly eliminate dirt and stains, leaving sneakers looking refreshed and revitalized. With their effectiveness, your footwear will regain its original allure, ensuring you step out in style with confidence and flair.

4) How are sneaker wipes different from sanitizer wipes?

Sneaker wipes offer an eco-friendly cleaning solution lacking harsh chemicals, alcohol, or sanitizers, preserving shoe quality while effectively removing dirt. This sustainable approach ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning, making them ideal for maintaining footwear without compromising environmental integrity or shoe integrity.

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