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Water & Stain Repellent Spray (200ml) by SneakinnTM is formulated to provide an unmatched level of protection from water & stains. It creates an invisible shield that is breathable and does not change the feel or look of the material.

It is safe to use on all colors and materials such as leather, suede, canvas, nylon, nubuck, sheepskin, fabric, synthetic & cotton.

One bottle (200ml) is suitable for upto 8-10 pairs of shoes. Each coat protects the shoes for upto 4 weeks.

How to use:

  1. Ensure the shoe is clean, dry & dust free.

  2. Spray evenly from 10-15cm away.

  3. Allow to dry for 1-2 hours.

  4. Apply a second coat.

  5. Allow to air dry.


    Each box contains 1 bottle of 200ml.


    SneakinnTM Crease Guard cleverly combines functionality with protection, offering a dual-purpose solution for shoe enthusiasts. These crease protectors are made with precision, they not only enhance the natural shape of the shoe but also act as an alarming barrier against unsightly creases that can diminish its aesthetic appeal.

    The incorporation of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) cushioning ensures a luxurious level of comfort with every step, while the crack-resistant technology reinforces its durability, making it a reliable companion for long-lasting wear.

    This innovative accessory goes beyond conventional shoe care, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses both aesthetic and practical concerns.

    Whether for casual outings or rigorous activities, SneakinnTM Crease Guard stands as a testament to modern footwear innovation, elevating the wearer’s experience while extending the lifespan of their beloved shoes.

    How to Use the Crease Guard?

    1. Loosen the Laces: Start by loosening the laces on your sneakers to make it easier to insert the crease guard.
    2. Insert Crease Guard: Place the shoe crease protector inside the toe box of your sneaker. Make sure it sits flat against the inside of the shoe.
    3. Push Till the End: Gently push the crease guard until it reaches the end of the toe box. You should also ensure it is properly positioned and covers the entire area prone to creasing.
    4. Tighten the Laces: Once the crease guard is in place, tighten the laces of your sneakers to secure them in position. And, ensure the laces are snug but not overly tight to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the crease guard.

    Features of Crease Protector for Sneakers

    • Discover the TPE cushioned material, engineered for unparalleled comfort.
    • Each piece is pre-cut to ensure a precise fit, enhanced by crack-resistant technology for long-lasting durability.
    • Trim-ready for customization, marked with clear left/right symbols for effortless identification.
    • Elevate your experience with this advanced solution in comfort and convenience.


    These crease shoe protectors are recommended with Jordan & AF1 style shoes. You should consider going half size up with our sneaker crease protectors. Sneaker crease guards are not recommended for sports or formal wear shoes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Do shoe crease protectors work?

    Shoe crease protectors effectively ease creases, extending the lifespan of your footwear. They distribute pressure evenly, preventing unsightly wrinkles and maintaining the shoe's original shape for a polished appearance.

    2) Can you walk in the shoe crease protector?

    Absolutely! Shoe crease protectors are designed for walking comfort. They seamlessly integrate into your footwear, providing flexibility and support while safeguarding against creasing, ensuring you can stride confidently without discomfort.

    3) How to stop my shoes from creasing?

    To prevent shoe creases, consider using crease protectors. Additionally, opt for shoes made of flexible materials, like leather or canvas. Inserting shoe trees when not in use can help maintain shape. Regularly clean and condition your shoes to keep them supple and resistant to creasing.

    4) Is it uncomfortable to wear crease protectors?

    No, crease protectors are crafted with comfort in mind. Made from lightweight and flexible materials, they discreetly shield your shoes from creases without causing discomfort. Their ergonomic design ensures a seamless fit, allowing you to enjoy all-day wear without sacrificing comfort or style.

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